Blogging Benefits

Blogging Benefits

June 19, 2012

“A blog is in many ways a continuing conversation.” ~ Andrew Sullivan

According to my statistics, I am about 20 web logs away from reaching 900 on this site, All Things Fulfilling. “Could that be right?,” I ask myself. If someone told me less than three years ago, that I’d find so much fulfillment in blogging, I would have questioned it.

There have been other benefits, too. I have gleaned a lot of insight into exactly how difficult how difficult it is to proof read your OWN writing; the reason for using editors – a fresh set of eyes!

Did you read the article about the errors that were made when converting  Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace into an e-book? Often times, problems in the search and find features of publishing software are the cause of it; not always the fault of incompetent editors.

You know, I recently published an e-book for a client. I will feature it in an upcoming blog, Although the title might lead you to believe it is about living with a red pen editor, it’s about another character who really made her mark in a community of other quirky characters.It is a good read, and many parts of it had me laughing out loud. For me, a real sign of a fulfilling reading experience.

I would like to express my gratitude to our readers who return time after time again to All Things Fulfilling. Even though I do not catch every proof-reading error, evidently, you like the content! That is extremely gratifying.

Return tomorrow, for more independent thoughts, words and views from All Things Fulfilling. The company blog site for


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