Platform Building: Step by Step

Tom WrightJuly  4, 2012

Building Your Platform

After thirty years of writing, I decided it was time to market my work. Call that, “twenty grand spent, lesson learned.” The lesson was, is, and remains this: As a writer, it’s you who has to market your work because no one else will. That means doing something daily to make sure your book gets out there in the public eye. With the Internet, there are a million means to do that. Choose one, any one, and begin there. Then, do another one tomorrow. That way after a year, you will have pursued over three hundred and fifty avenues of success. Even if only a tenth pan out, that’s still a lot of exposure and exposure is the business of marketing books.

One word of advice. Okay, more than one then. If you must pay for something, pay for someone to do something to market your book, rather than to ‘teach’ you ‘how to’ do something. You can buy a book to find out all that how to stuff, but the assistance of a live human being adds one more mind and two more hands to what amounts to days and days of busy work doing what it takes to get the word out there. Radio, TV, magazines, friends, Facebook, and the Internet, they are all means to help book sales build. And just like a good home, to build your platform means taking one step at a time. So what was your step today?

About the Author: Tom Wright is the coursework creator of the three part online seminar A Course In Shamanism™ and The One Penny Millionaire!™ a thirty week online seminar designed for your success. He is the author of the book Zen Gem which can be found online on his websites and on Kindle.


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