Marketing Literature Ideas


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Reach potential consumers through innovative, well-written reading materials.

The key to effective marketing literature is in strong writing and images. Business owners hook consumers with innovative campaigns, and inventive approaches to style and language, to create interest in a brand. When creating a line of marketing literature materials, consider the voice you want to carry through to your readers. If you want to a sense of humor, string that kind of humor throughout all the letters, slogans and giveaway materials.

  1. Targeted Materials

    • Create a line of business cards and printed brochures for separate target markets segments. For example, if you run a photography shop, make target-specific literature for students, professionals and graphic designers who use photographic images. Write the literature using an authoritative but friendly voice that draws readers to the personality and competency of your business.


    • Design posters, calendars, creative note-cards or stationary to give away to potential customers. Instead of giving away pens and tins with just the printed name of your business, offer other free items that are useful or of significant value. Keep the materials useful and consistent with your company’s service and reputation. For instance, if you run a hotel business chain, give the public free posters with images picturing exotic destinations where you have hotels. If you run a private magnet school, write and print booklets describing the attributes and benefits of your school system. Make the books attractive and expressive to guide parents into considering your school as an option for their child.

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    Creative Mailings

    • Direct mail, sent to a previous or potential consumer’s home, communicates messages directly and personally. When creating a direct mail campaign, be creative. Invent a innovative, artistic, loud and ambitious mailing series. For instance, consider using different kinds of paper, and a whole new tone of voice to attract a reader. Hook them in the first line with a powerful opening sentence speaking directly to them and their needs.


    • Appeal to consumers by sending free samples by mail. If you operate an interior design business, send sample fabrics and color images of the work you have accomplished in previous client homes. Include testimonials from previous satisfied customers. Ask these past clients if you can quote them and show a picture of the rooms you remade. Testimonials add a real-world appeal and back up your claims.


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