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4 thoughts on “Get Published

    • Hi Dixie!!

      I hope the articles you found on the site were helpful. Please let me know what kind of topics you are looking for information on and I will strive to include those topics on the blog also if you are an independent writer or publisher contact me about advertising on the independent book publisher as well as rates!

      Hakim (Publisher)

  1. Hi Hakim:

    My primary interest is two-fold: 1. Finding a manuscript reviewer to critique my story. 2. Finding someone (publisher, media, etc) who might be interested in my story, or put me in contact with someone who work with the type of genre my story falls under.

    I would still appreciate any advice at all you may be willing to share.

    • I am the head Publisher of October Harvest Press, LLC I would be more than happy to review the first 15 pgs of your manuscript to see if it is a good fit with our catalog. Just email a copy along with a query letter including some info about you and the plot of your work.

      Best Regards,

      Hakim Allah Publisher, October Harvest Press

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